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youtube: 7 Video Marketing Myths Debunked!

As of 2017, videos account for approximately 74{2aaf9bead1d0baf9b381b78aa6f3aa5edb8a3c7844ccecacbfabeea8375580b3} of all web traffic. Crazy, right? You might think that would mean that all business use video marketing – after all, why wouldn’t they be? And yet, the truth is that 31{2aaf9bead1d0baf9b381b78aa6f3aa5edb8a3c7844ccecacbfabeea8375580b3} of all businesses and marketing professionals have not yet used video marketing to promote their […]

twitter: Choose a Memorable Username

The username you choose for your Twitter account should be compelling, not too long and unique. Everything about Twitter is short and sweet, so keep that in mind. With a shorter username, people will be able to share your content without going over the max character limit set by Twitter. Also, you should keep your […]