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Joozer Abbas, Partner: Adenwalla

Various websites, test websites, how we are doing etc. , call to action topic, Social Media, in whole the the workshop has been given a “dissection” of how to prioritize and move forward. „ Whatever you may know on digital is not enough… There is a lot more out there.” Joozer Abbas, Partner: Adenwalla https://adenwalla.org

Heidi Tohmo, Marketing Manager: Seab Finland oy

Perfect combination of interesting and intensive digital education with a twist of interactive groupwork. Great channel to be informed of different marketing platforms which are available on the web. Digital “world” is changing all the time and this workshop is a great chance to be updated on the current (and future) situation. Heidi Tohmo, Marketing Manager: […]

Galea Bogdan-Andrei, Brand Manager: Temad

New things and new trends regarding Digital era and what the future might be in our way of developing the business. It is important to learn every day in order to be up-dated and prepared for all the challenges and changes that the near future will be in our lives. Galea Bogdan-Andrei, Brand Manager: Temad […]

Elzbieta Linnert, Marketing Manager: Amtra

All parts of meeting were extremely valuable from my point of view and the job we are doing in a company – SEO optimization, for 2018-19 Social Media Strategy, awareness of mobile first in those mentioned above. Great Presentation! Elzbieta Linnert, Marketing Manager: Amtra https://www.amtra.pl/    

Denitsa Alexandrova, Marketing: Demicon Ltd.

E-Commerce session was really helpful Affiliate Programs – very useful WD-40 Mup / Specialist demonstrations were helpful as well Very needful workshop if you want to be up to date, otherwise you would have to “ask your children” about the current fast moving internet situation/digital innovations. Denitsa Alexandrova, Marketing: Demicon Ltd. https://demicom.com