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Brand Ambassadors: How to Create Brand Ambassadors

It would be wonderful if you could simply sell a product and be sure that everybody who buys it will turn into an ambassador for your brand. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The mistake some brands make is thinking that if they deliver the basics – meaning high value and a low price – their customers will become ambassadors.

What you need to remember as a business owner is that delivering high value and a low price is the bare minimum you can do. It’s expected. Your customers, like it or not, are going to take those things for granted. That means you have to take things a step further.

Where do you put your focus, then, if you want to turn your customers into brand ambassadors? The answer is simple:

Customer service.

If you provide your customers with a high level of customer service – and particularly if you make the effort to go above and beyond what they expect – they will not only be happy with their additional purchase, they’ll buy from you again and again, and they’ll go out of their way to recommend you to people they know.

If you need proof, look at a company that’s famous for excellent customer service. Online shoe retailer Zappos has earned its reputation as a stellar example of how to treat customers. A simple Google search reveals hundreds of stories of how Zappos’ team has delivered exceptional customer service, and they have the profits to show for it.