Certified knowledge in the shortest possible time – online and from anywhere at any time! Ideal for managers and executives!

Improve your know-how about Digitalisation and benefit from the knowledge of the best to move your company and your career forward.

Here, your knowledge becomes a skill because you receive practical tips that can be directly applied in addition to the theory.

You can study irrespective of time, location and at your own speed. Everything is perfectly tailored to your individual needs. Welcome!

Shortly you will find the online certifications here!

The EIMIA – European Internet Marketing Institute & Academy – develops its own content based on research results from the field for the field, from which complete courses, downloads or pdf files are then created.

This own content is supplemented by carefully hand-picked and selected sources from the internet. The EIMIA® is the only institute in the world accredited to teach the nationally and internationally awarded Digital Marketing Strategy iROI® and the Digital Strategy TRANSRUPTION® .

Guarantee: You will never be confronted with the usual technical jargon used by many agencies or trainers, but will receive all information explained in understandable english.

Unique worldwide:
The knowledge of 24 digital core topics strategically combined in one internationally cutting-edge digital strategy TRANSRUPTION! Benefit from the synergies of all digital technologies – and learn in an exciting keynote how you can optimally use all these elements together for your company and your industry.
Hardly any other top keynote speaker can offer you this portfolio:

I have studied and undertaken research at renowned international universities and business schools and will present the findings to you and your guests in an understandable, exciting and entertaining style:

I have specialized in small and medium-sized companies
and national and international corporations.
This is why these online courses are not collections of theoretical approaches, as offered by journalists or researchers, for example, but a cornucopia of valuable, implementable practical tips that directly invite you to take action! I would also be happy to support your company, regardless of its size:

Talk is silver, action is gold!

Most trainers are only focused on one topic and do not support you holistically and with international experience in the implementation of your digital challenges! In these countries (marked gold) I have already supported companies with my digital marketing strategy iROI® and holistic digital strategy TRANSRUPTION®. As Director of the European Internet Marketing Institute & Academy (EIMIA®), I am active in digital research and will provide all my experience for your success:

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