Digital Law

Digital Law

“Internet law” or, as it is also called, ” cyber law”, is basically a collection of legal principles and legislation that regulate the use of the Internet in all its forms. From the label given, it is clear that the concept of cyber law is very vague. While there are “areas of law” in the online world (e.g. corporate law, civil and political rights, criminal law, etc.), cyber law cannot be described as a fixed and stable field of practice. Cyber law incorporates and applies principles from several traditional areas of law. Such a difference in the structure of law development between the offline and online worlds can be explained by two main difficulties, namely, the complexity of the Internet and the global interface of the Internet. Moreover, since the internet is a global interface, it does not make sense for the government of each country to create its own set of rules; instead, the internet should be considered as a separate country, independent of national politics. However, it is no secret that it will be extremely difficult for all countries to agree on an internationally valid set of rules due to cultural differences. Therefore, it is no wonder that many people today believe that the internet is actually not ” regulatable” at all. Such a state of reality is not only unsafe but also dangerous, so rules are an important building block to protect the participants of the internet from criminals, but without introducing censorship behind the scenes.

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