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facebook: Sales Tip #7: Create a Facebook offer

Another nice feature of Facebook is that you have the ability to create a special offer that you can send to your followers. The option is right above the box at the top of your page where you post status updates. Just click the “Offer/Event” option and then write a headline, and choose an image from your existing images (or upload a new one). After that, you will need to select both start and end dates for your offer and outline the parameters of the offer.

It used to be that you could send out an offer without having to pay to boost it. However, now you have to boost the offer if you want it to appear in your followers’ news feeds. (If you choose to create it without boosting it, it will post only on the top of your Timeline.) If you do choose to boost it, you will be given the opportunity to choose your target audience. It will post with a “Get Offer” call to action button that encourages your followers to take advantage of the offer immediately.

As you can see, there are many ways to use Facebook to boost your sales. The key, above all else, is to keep things simple and intuitive. Your followers shouldn’t have to guess what to do if they want to contact you or make a purchase. When you streamline things, you greatly increase the chances that your Facebook followers will buy from you – both now and in the future.