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Develop your own Digital Strategy with a recognized global expert quite conveniently online: available for use worldwide, tailored to your own schedules, and easy to attend via online conference even in Corona times.

Now is the time to prepare for the post-Corona world in the best possible way - emerge as a winner from this crisis instead of waiting to see what the government will do for you. The future of your business is now in your hands!

As a result of CORONA's regional lockdown regulations, almost all entrepreneurs are forced to discontinue or limit their operations until further notice. The declining revenues and resulting negative outcomes are forcing us entrepreneurs to think and act quickly so that we can navigate our business through the current crisis.

In order to remain highly visible to clientele, a strategic online presence (website & social media) is extremely important. But without a strategy, the investment in digital marketing will not pay off. In this Live Online Consulting you will learn how to optimally position your company in the new Digital Environment to profit from it.

It's that simple to come together to move your business forward:

Step 1:
Simply fill out the contact form and start your journey

Simply request an online consulting session and we will discuss with you what content you would like to cover in the online conference. You can also ask your team in advance and of course invite your team to the conference appointment. You get access to my calendar and can thus set your desired date or even multiple dates if you want me to assist you online for a longer period.

Contact us now without any obligation

Step 2:
Participate live and from anywhere with your team

It's all very simple and suitable even for beginners - you don't need a diploma in computer science to take part in our special conference solution! The only technical requirements for our meeting are a computer or mobile device with speakers (alternatively: headphones), a stable internet connection, microphone (audio) to join the discussion, web camera (video) to view the content - and that's it!

We make online consulting easy - promised!

Step 3:
Digital toolbox for all your participants

You and your team will receive the recording as a download in our special cloud at the latest 1 day after each session, as well as all notes taken during the meeting, e.g. chats etc. Exclusively, all your participants will get 100% free access to our Digital Toolbox with valuable downloads, learning videos, etc., where they can put into practice what they have heard - individually adapted to the content of the online consulting!

So the online consulting remains not only a one-time session, but also offers you and your team a sustainable knowledge transfer and makes our online consulting unforgettable!

My personal guarantee: You and your team will be thrilled! Promised!

Many changes of mindsets, motivation and immediately implementable knowledge here: I am the developer of the nationally and internationally renowned Internet marketing strategy iROI - Internet Return on Invest - and will explain clearly and understandable for everyone without technical jargon:

  • The 7 steps of the iROI strategy for your company
  • Website structure in B2C and B2B with maximum ROI
  • Boost social media in B2C and B2B
  • How to automate to save time and money
  • Strategically interconnect your online and offline marketing
...and of course, all the topics that we define in a briefing together.

The iROI®-Strategy in Detail

Future of Retail: DIYSUMMIT


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Global Internet Seminar Amsterdam:

The iROI strategy steps

Before blindly contracting any agency for your digital marketing, it would be existentially important to get neutral information about your potential. Only then can you decide what makes sense for your industry and your company. It is only after this that you should hire an agency, because then you will know what you need and, in particular, what you don't need and can even perhaps already solve within the company. This will save you a lot of money instead of you burning money with expensive experiments.

The objective of mine is that you build up in-house expertise on the topic of digital marketing. All essential elements of the iROI strategy are summarized in comprehensible 7 main steps, which in turn are divided into substages.
These 7 steps of the iROI strategy are finely coordinated and are used to point a company towards the right direction. All steps begin with the 3 letters KON, therefore one often speaks of the 7 cons of the iROI strategy.

With these 7 cons, every company can create the optimal organization of tasks in the team and achieve desired results more quickly.

Unique in the world: The knowledge of 24 digital core topics strategically combined in one internationally cutting-edge trained expert. You can benefit from the synergies of all digital technologies - and learn in this online consulting how all these elements interact optimally together - instead of just covering one single topic, which is necessary but not sufficient if you want to win in digital times.

3D printing
Big Data - Smart Data
Crowdfunding & Finance
Cybercrime & Security
Digital Branding
Digital Leadership
Digital Disruption
Digital Society
Digital Marketplaces
Digital Transformation

The portfolio for the winners of tomorrow's digital world:

Experience outstanding speeches, presentations & keynotes at your live event or online event with SAULDIE.

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TRANSRUPTION®: Expert personal supervision of your digitization projects at your own place together with your team.

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iROI® strategy: Impressive personalized worldwide live online consulting for all your digital challenges.

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EXCLUSIVE: In cooperation with EIMIA® European Internet Marketing Institute & Academy: Public Online Workshops

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I have studied and researched at renowned international universities and business schools, and I will present the discoveries to you and your audience in understandable terms in an exciting and entertaining way:
Who else can offer you this wealth of qualifications and professional development in the area of digitalization and at the same time be an entertaining personality with charm and esprit?

I have specialized in small and medium-sized companies as well as in national and international corporations. Therefore, my presentations are not collections of theoretical approaches, as offered by journalists or researchers, for example, but a cornucopia of valuable, actionable practical tips that directly invite you to take action!

Talking is silver, taking action is gold!

Most trainers are only focused on one topic and do not support you in an integrated way and with international experience in the implementation of your Digital Challenges! In these countries I have already accompanied companies with my strategies iROI® and TRANSRUPTION® strategy and will provide all my experience for your success:

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