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You are planning one or more projects in the field of digitization and would appreciate an experienced, strategically oriented facilitator who will build a powerful digital team out of your employees so that you can achieve your digital goals faster?

Your employees and executives will experience the digitization of your company in a passionate, enthusiastic and valuable way!


Experience and the appreciation of digitization

I have gained experience in more than 55 different industries and offer you and your team the perspective to think outside the box. This enables your company to benefit from my best practices and apply them to your business model together with me. This way you will benefit from external in-depth know-how and at the same time form a team of winners. As an absolute team player, I look forward to expanding your team and realizing your Digital Ambition.

Many people are good at talking - implementing is my specialty!
Get me on your team as your interim Chief Digital Officer or Head of Digital!

My passion for digitalization has been encouraging me for many years to work from morning to night on digital TRANSRUPTION - TRANSformation paired with DisRUPTION - and its effects and challenges for individual industries in Germany, Europe and the world. Meanwhile, I work with corporations as well as with politicians, with launching startups as well as with universities and scientific institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises, associations, artists and media to be able to provide holistic advice.

I developed the TRANSRUPTION® strategy as part of my studies at MIT Management Sloan School, trademarked it and implemented it in companies very successfully.

The TRANSRUPTION® strategy: How you can profit from it in 3 simple steps:

Step 1:
Strategically Build Your Digital Team

It is my ambition to develop an enthusiastic Digital Team out of your highly motivated employees from various departments, because this is the only way you will optimally achieve your Digital Goals and overcome existing difficulties. Your team will then have the task of digitizing your company UNIVERSALLY across all departments, instead of always creating new digital road works that no one can ever manage to see through!

Together, we will find out the hidden digital opportunities in your company and catapult you quickly, strategically and cost-efficiently into the digital age!

Step 2:
Identify your potential CDO or Head of Digital from your team.

By collaborating with your team, I identify the digital potential of your people and support you in appointing your future Chief Digital Officer (CDO) or Head of digital from your team.

This designated CDO or Head of Digital (there can be more than one!) go through a leadership coaching with me and therefore develop your individual Digital Strategy with my external contribution.

Part by part, I hand over my responsibility and make sure that my knowledge is directly incorporated into your company, so that you can work on your own after our project.

Step 3:
Increase your digital IQ company-wide

Daily updated online trainings on the subject of digitalization in cooperation with EIMIA (European Internet Marketing Institute & Academy) allow you to educate yourself and your team independently of location, time and device.

You can choose if only selected employees have access to this learning portal or if you prefer to allow all employees to develop their Digital IQ.

Each employee receives a certificate after completing each course, which you can use, for example, in employee performance appraisals to benchmark an employee's Digital Literacy.

Personal guarantee: Exclusiveness offered to your company in your industry

Transcending company silos or departments, I assist your team like a digital angel and ensure that the major challenges are handled professionally and strategically. While I support you, I will not advise any of your competitors at the same time - I guarantee you that with my word of honor! I have already gained experience in over 50 digital projects and will be happy to support you in realizing existing digital projects or those in the planning stage in a target-oriented manner.

You can rely on my 25 years of experience with small and medium-sized enterprises as well as international corporations.


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Unique in the world: The knowledge of 24 digital core topics strategically combined in one internationally cutting-edge trained expert. You can benefit from the synergies of all digital technologies - and learn in this online consulting how all these elements interact optimally together - instead of just covering one single topic, which is necessary but not sufficient if you want to win in digital times.

3D printing
Big Data - Smart Data
Crowdfunding & Finance
Cybercrime & Security
Digital Branding
Digital Leadership
Digital Disruption
Digital Society
Digital Marketplaces
Digital Transformation

The portfolio for the winners of tomorrow's digital world:

Experience outstanding speeches, presentations & keynotes at your live event or online event with SAULDIE.

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TRANSRUPTION®: Expert personal supervision of your digitization projects at your own place together with your team.

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iROI® strategy: Impressive personalized worldwide live online consulting for all your digital challenges.

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EXCLUSIVE: In cooperation with EIMIA® European Internet Marketing Institute & Academy: Public Online Workshops

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I have studied and researched at renowned international universities and business schools, and I will present the discoveries to you and your audience in understandable terms in an exciting and entertaining way:
Who else can offer you this wealth of qualifications and professional development in the area of digitalization and at the same time be an entertaining personality with charm and esprit?

I have specialized in small and medium-sized companies as well as in national and international corporations. Therefore, my contributions are not collections of theoretical approaches, as offered by journalists or researchers, for example, but a cornucopia of valuable, actionable practical tips that directly invite you to take action!

Talking is silver, taking action is gold!

Most trainers are only focused on one topic and do not support you in an integrated way and with international experience in the implementation of your Digital Challenges! In these countries I have already accompanied companies with my strategies iROI® and TRANSRUPTION® strategy and will provide all my experience for your success:

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