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Ratings & Reviews: How to Get More Customers to Write Reviews

Before you can have tons of positive reviews, you need customers to write these reviews. There are several methods for enticing a customer to leave a review of your products or services.

You can offer a special offer or the chance to win a digital coupon. This gives the customer incentive to leave a review, without giving them a hard sell and pushing them into leaving a false review.

Another option for acquiring reviews, for your own feedback, is to ask for reviews of your products or services, as a customer places an order. Include a section in the checkout area asking if the consumer would like to complete a short review of the product. If you create your own review or feedback form, make it as simple as possible, with a minimal amount of fields to fill in.

You could also follow up sales with a targeted email list. If you allow targeted customers to opt-in to an emailing list, to receive promotional offers and newsletters, devote a section of your targeted email campaign to offering insight into new products while asking for reviews of the last product or service that they purchased from your website.

However you go about getting reviews, you should never pay for reviews. Not only is this frowned upon, in many industries and regions it is fraudulent. Instead, you can offer promotions or coupons, request reviews during check out, and target past customers through targeted email lists.