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Ratings & Reviews: How to Integrate Customer Reviews into Your Social Strategy

Having a solid social strategy is a must in the modern business world. The majority of internet users spend most of their time browsing their favorite social media platform. People share news, reviews, and information with their friends and family all the time. It is another form of word of mouth marketing.

In addition to sharing your reviews on social media platforms, as previously mentioned, there are other ways to integrate customer reviews into your social strategy. Facebook includes a review section for business, where customers can leave comments. Ask for honest feedback from your clients. Always remember to display the good and the bad. This shows that you trust consumers to make the best decision for their own needs, when shopping for a product or service they need.

With most social media platforms, you can set a notification to receive an email any time the name of your profile is mentioned in a post or tweet. Check these notifications, once per day, and reshare or retweet the positive mentions and reviews.