Why the best companies book Sanjay Sauldie:

Indian enthusiasm paired with German thoroughness, Swiss precision and Austrian charm

100% understandable: With his skilfully presented information on the topics Internet Marketing, Social Media, Digital Leadership & Digital Transformation Sanjay Sauldie knows how to present even complicated contexts in a simple way and to fetch everyone regardless of their level of knowledge.

100% thrilling: With this special ability he manages to fascinate and captivate every audience from the first to the last minute. The audience will be involved in the lecture, giving everyone an unforgettable lecture event that will be talked about days and weeks later.

100% individual: Each presentation is very individually adapted to the expectations, the industry and the level of knowledge of the audience, so that each presentation is unique – even participants who may have heard the presentation at another event are always enthusiastic about the current daily content!

One-time satisfaction guarantee: All organizers are extremely satisfied and even book several times, such as Deutsche Post, Bosch, Hermes or the Otto Group, because the cooperation is very professional and up to date.

My goal in each keynote lecture: For each participant valuable, realizable impulses, information and motivation, as always presented in a humorous and entertaining way, dynamic, full of enthusiasm and esprit – up-to-date, neutral and appreciative. My lectures will be tailored to your event, your wishes and your target group, with guaranteed enthusiasm and sustainability.

Hardly any other speaker and coach has such a portfolio of topics:

  • Digital Leadership: Leading companies successfully into the year 2020
  • Social Media Facebook, twitter, google Plus – chances and dangers
  • the power of stationary trade and field service in digital times

  • Shopper Experience and Technology at the Point of Sale
  • Customer Journey and consequences for marketing strategy
  • Efficient networking of customers through Omni-Channel-Marketing

  • Smart Data – New ways of data generation
  • Mobile Strategies for Retail
  • Teambuilding in digital times
  • Internet Marketing: Optimal use of website optimization/ search engines
  • Curated Shopping – combination of data and personal consultation
  • content marketing strategies

  • Agile Business: Making your business more agile and faster in digital competition
  • The future of banks and money
  • Generation Y – Digital Natives versus Digital Immigrants
  • Sales Excellence: Digital Winning Strategies in SMEs
  • Radical Openness – How Open Innovation is revolutionizing companies
  • Impulses for more competitiveness in the digital age
  • From Immigrant Child to Top 100 Entrepreneur Excellence- How to make it!
  • Integration of immigrants in Germany – No magic, but simple to be done for both sides!
  • Schools and the Digital Future: What parents and children should know about the Internet and social media

Whether small event or large event – experience on events with up to 2500 participants available

Your advantages at a glance:

  • You will receive your individual offer within 24 hours – or a cancellation if the appointment can no longer be booked – so you can quickly take care of another speaker for your event.
  • You will get access to the organizer area on our website after your booking confirmation, where you will find all relevant information for an optimally successful course for your event.
  • If your event should be a public event, Mr. Sauldie can also advertise for you on his social media channels and on the website, inviting more visitors to your event.

You will get 5 speakers in one person:

  • Motivator: after my presentation, each of your participants is interested in digitalization
  • Future researcher: Your participants learn about new trends and developments in their industry
  • Practical guide: Theory anyone can do, but after my lecture anyone can act directly
  • Strategist: especially executives benefit from the innovative impulses
  • Expert: hardly any other speaker manages to explain the digitization so pictorially and understandably

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Philosophy of Sanjay Sauldie

With the help of the Internet, everyone is in a position to revolutionize the rules of the game for entire industries. For over 20 years, I’ve been working on this because I’ve always been fascinated by how absolute beginners and established companies master the digital challenges – or become victims of digital evolution.

I firmly believe that the sensible use of digital opportunities will benefit humanity as a whole and bring the peaceful and understanding coexistence of people into a new positive dimension. I want to do my part.

Over time, I discovered my vocation: to inspire people and companies to realize their visions on the Internet. I am the bridge between the analog age and the digital age – I combine the best of both worlds into a strategy of integration instead of exclusion.

For the success of our companies, we need the knowledge and experience from the analog world and the digital acceptance and culture of the digital world in order to mature as people and companies to be and create together. I personally am the result of the analog and digital world, and connect the worlds of ancient Indian wisdom with the achievements of Western cultures – and bring them together in a harmonious harmony for the benefit of all people.

International University Degree: M.Sc. Marketing, Specialization: Digital Transformation and Digital Disruption