Submit Your Articles Even When You Sleep

Believe me. This is what some of the pros have been keeping it to themselves. Now that I’m letting the gems out, you can steal their secrets and take advantage of this opportunity.

As of today, there are probably more than 500 article directories on the Internet and the number is still counting.

This is good news.

This is also bad news.

The good news is that you can have your articles deposited into hundreds of article directories and build a lot of backlinks to your website easily. Your website hit counter will spin. Your revenue will increase.

The bad news is that it can take a few days just to finish submitting one article to those directories. What if you have 10 more articles to be submitted?

Remember that we’re not talking about submitting to only 10 or 20 directories. We’re talking about submitting to hundreds of them.

By the time you’re done submitting your articles, you’d swear not to do article marketing anymore. The huge amount of time it takes to submit your articles to those numerous directories is killing you.

If I were you, I’d give up too.

Fortunately, for every problem there’s a brilliant solution.

Quietly, a few net entrepreneurs are creating tools and services to automatically submit articles to hundreds of article directories. With a few simple cut-and-pastes and a click of a button, you can have your articles submitted to hundreds of article directories and thousands of online publishers.

All these article directory submissions can be done even while you sleep. Isn’t it nice?

All right, I hear you loud. Where can I find these tools and services?

Before I tell you more, let me say that most of these resources are not free. They can cost you from ten to over one hundred dollars, but if you’re serious about marketing your articles, in the long run, you’ll definitely get back your investments many folds.

Of course, there are other free tools and services too. I will let you know them as well.

Here they are.

Free and Free with Paid Options

Search Warp – publish your articles on Search Warp directory and, at the same time, submit them to search engines, such as Google, ExactSeek and Alexa. Search Warp is a directory and also a search engine. It is a free service.

Article Marketer – An article submission service from FREE to $119.95, depending on the Low, Medium and High Volume Plans.

Paid Services and Tools

Article Announcer – An article submission software for the price of $379 plus shipping. It comes with a complete set of Article Marketing audio CDs. Lots of information from this package.

Article Submitter Pro – An article submission software for the price of $167, with bonus ebooks on article writing, press release and more.

The Phantom Writers – An article submission service with the price range of $35 to $200, depending on the number of articles submitted. They also provide ghostwriting service.

iSnare – An article submission service with the price range of $10 to $719.40, depending on the number of articles submitted. Current distribution is over 20,000 publishers.

Submit Your Article – You can submit up to 4 articles a month for the current low price of $37.00 per month.

As you can see above, different parties charge different rates and prices. This does not mean that you should go for the lowest price or immediately assume that the highest charge will provide better results.

You have to carefully analyze the data above and ask yourself – which one has the right budget for you and the right audience you want to reach. Then decide.