The Importance of Keywords

Every website and blog is governed by the keywords it contains.  Organic search engine placement is determined by the use of niche keywords.  Search engines use spiders and robots to crawl through websites on a regular basis.  They identify websites and categorize them according to the content that the site contains.  If you want to be found in search engines by certain search terms, you must make sure that your website or blog contains those words in your content.

It may seem simple at first; just add a few of your selected keywords to your website and you’ll get the search engine placement you want.  It’s not that simple.  Too many search words or keywords are considered Spam and can get your site removed from the top search engines.  You must use your keywords appropriately and within context for the purpose of your site.  Using keywords correctly will increase traffic to your site and ultimately increase sales.

If you use Pay Per Click advertising you’ll need to learn the best keywords for your site, as you will be buying these words.  There are several excellent tools available online that will help you monitor and track the most important keywords for your site.  Researching the best keywords is one of the most important steps that you can take.  It will ensure that you are creating content needed for organic search placement, as well as help you determine the best keywords for your Pay Per Click campaign.  Google AdWords and WordTracker are two excellent programs that you can use to determine the best keywords for your site.

Some important points to remember is that you should always use the plural form when choosing keywords.  For example if you choose E-book and not E-books, your site won’t show up if someone searches for E-books.  If you use E-books, your site will show up if someone searches for the term “E-book” because the word E-book is within the plural form E-books.  Also, use keyword Phrases and not just keywords, and include them in your site’s Meta Tags as well.  Keywords are essential to your affiliate marketing campaign choose them wisely.