Viral Marketing in Forums for Affiliate Marketing

Forums all over the net serve as good venues to spread word about affiliate marketing campaigns. Start a thread or post a message and the word will spread like wild fire.

Most forums though have strict rules with regard to pushing for viral marketing for affiliate programs in their threads. As a business owner you don’t want to be banned from these forums, so you must take caution and follow the rules set by the moderators.

Keeping Safe when Posting on Forums

The forum serves as your meeting grounds for potential customers, business partners, or service providers. It is a great place to learn things and share your expertise or tools of the trade.

Moderators can be your best friend or your worst nightmare if you are planning to run a viral campaign with regard to some affiliate programs on their threads.

You don’t want to be banned or black listed in these forums since they form part of your business circle.  You need to play safe and follow the rules set by forum owners or thread moderators.

As an affiliate marketer, you should post only where it is allowed. There are discussions specific for trading services or goods and threads where you can push for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Posting Affiliate Links

When entering forums, you must know how to play by their rules. There are usually sticky notes which states black and white what you can do or not. If the forum only allows a single link to appear on your post then by all means follow that rule. It will be best to embed the link into words which is relevant to the thread.

You can also type the link at the bottom of your messages if you are not allowed to embed it on the body of your posting. Don’t forget to include tag lines of your campaign when you post the links.

Follow the Forum Basics

Stay away from conflicts or debates which may arise when you are running viral campaigns in forums as much as possible. This is often the case when there are no moderators guiding the forum.

Arguments often end up with no one looking good before the other members of the forum or visitors.

When running a viral campaign the best thing to do is stick with it and achieve your goals.