Sanjay Sauldie
(M.Sc. Marketing)
The perfect strategist
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The internationally awarded
iROI® digital strategy:
Rules of digitization:
reform, perform,
transform & outperform

DIY-Summit 2016 in Stockholm:

Internet enables everyone to revolutionize the rules of entire industries. It fascinates Sanjay Sauldie how beginners and established companies manage to cope with digital challenges – or become victims of digital evolution.

CNNiReporter meets Sanjay Sauldie

During Germany´s largest regional business marketplace an exhibition b2d BUSINESS TO DIALOG at Nürnberg CNNiReporter Harry Flint matches up with local heroes and talks about the EUROcrisis
with Sanjay Sauldie.

Watch free video and benefit immediately:

The iROI®-internet return on invest – Digital Strategy – was developed worldwide exclusively for the European Internet Marketing Institute & Academy EIMIA®
based in Mannheim, Germany.

The iROI strategy in practical application

The scientific background of the iROI strategy: research, analyses and case studies at the EIMIA – European Internet Marketing Institute & Academy

University of Salford Winter Graduation 2017

Many speakers and trainers often like to talk about digitization, disruption and transformation, unfortunately mostly not from a scientific point of view, but about what they may have picked up from dubious internet sources or what is supposedly „in“. This is why Sanjay Sauldie has completed a current Master’s degree to prepare its customers for the truly important changes in digitalization. This is the graduation in Salford (Manchester) in December 2017:

Companies that benefit from Sanjay Sauldie:

International and national companies and corporations as well as small and medium sized enterprises use his more than 15 years of experience. Here is a small excerpt.