Digital Business Speaker, Consultant and Moderator for international companies: Sanjay Sauldie

Sanjay Sauldie supports companies to master the challenges of today’s digital times. As a business consultant, he accompanies corporations on the digital journey from developing the individual digital strategy up to the complete implementation of the single components.

Exclusive: the iROI strategy

iROI_LogoYou will experience the power of the iROI-Strategy, which has been developed by Sanjay Sauldie. This strategy is used exclusively for our customers – you cannot get it anywhere else. The content of this strategy is taught only at the European Internet Marketing Instituts & Academy.

Digital marketing speeches

Honored with the Conga-Award as one the top of 10 speakers of Europe, Sanjay Sauldie enriches your event with an inspiring speech in understandable English without using complicated technical terms. Profit from his international and national experience. As an Indian by birth with German pass Sanjay Sauldie can perform his speech in German, in English and Hindi.

The digital roadmap for your company

The tour begins with an individual workshop of 2-4 hours in your house with your team or via Skype conference. There your particular iROI strategy timetable is sketched. We define the first milestones which you can transform using your team and your service companies, or you use the professional network of Sanjay Sauldie.

Then the next milestones are established, and your project is brought to success by Sanjay Sauldie.

Consultation and Counseling

Sanjay Sauldie with pleasure works for you as an interim manager so that you can generate a perfect iROI for your business. He supports you with his experience so that you save time and money. You will avoid expensive and time-consuming decisions and reach the maximum effect of your investment quicker and faster than expected.

Profit from his experience as a national and international highly sought after digital marketing expert.

Sanjay Sauldie will answer your request as soon as possible:

Sanjay Sauldie’s philosophy: why I am

“Internet enables everyone to revolutionize the rules of entire industries. I’ve been concentrating on this for over 20 years, because it fascinates me how beginners and established companies manage to cope with digital challenges – or become victims of digital evolution.

I strongly believe that humanity in general can profit from a wise use of digital opportunities, allowing people into new and positive dimensions of a peaceful and appreciative coexistence. I would like to contribute to this.

In the course of time I discovered my mission:

Inspiring people and companies in realizing their vision on the Internet.

I see myself as the bridge between the analogous time and digital age – I combine the best of both worlds by a strategy of integration instead of exclusion. For individuals and organizations to achieve a common maturity, successful companies need insights and experiences of the analogous world, as well as digital acceptance and culture of the digital world. I’m the result of both the analogous and digital world, connecting ancient Indian wisdom and Western achievements. I reconcile these for the benefit of all people. This is the reason why I am on this planet.”

Live from Sanjay Sauldie’s blog:

Why is Sanjay Sauldie a well-known expert? Discover it through watching the videos

Sanjay Sauldie talks to CNN iReporter Harry Flint at Business2Dialogue:

Sanjay Sauldie in Moscow on Omnichannel Marketing for Retail Business

Sanjay Sauldie at Mercato giardinaggio al GAME: Gardening meeting (interview starts at 4:10)

Part 1/3: Internet Marketing Mumbai: Home Fashion Week India 2007

Part 2/3: Internet Marketing Mumbai: Home Fashion Week India 2007

Part 3/3: Internet Marketing Mumbai: Home Fashion Week India 2007

What do customers say after experiencing Sanjay Sauldie?

Experience, ethics & commitment

25 years of experience as a consultant

for small and medium-sized businesses as well as international companies worldwide.

Scientific background

For over 10 years Sanjay Sauldie is the director of the European Internet Marketing Institute & Academy.

more than 75 publications for the press

and more than 12 books available at amazon (in German and English)

over 400 testimonials and experience

from A-Z in different industries.

Sanjay Sauldie is an expert in the following areas and offers speeches, workshops and consulting:


Excerpts, individual wishes are fulfilled:

  • Industry 4.0 and digitization
  • Digitization, mechanisation, business, and knowledge in 2050
  • Cloud Data – How to use it wisely
  • Curated shopping – combination of data and personal consultation
  • Industry 4.0
  • Radical Openness – How Open innovation can revolutionise your company


Excerpt, individual wishes are fulfilled:

  • The power of local trading in digital times
  • Shopper Experience and technology at the point of Sale
  • Customer Journey and consequences for the marketing strategy
  • Efficient interlinking of customers by Omni-channel marketing
  • Mobile strategies for trade
  • Content marketing strategies
  • Winner’s strategies for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Sales Excellence
  • Creative ideas for more competitiveness in the digital age


Excerpt, individual wishes are fulfilled:

  • Recruitment of the future – new HR-channels, trends and advantages and disadvantages online
  • Smart Data – new ways of the data generation
  • Social media and/or Augmented Reality for small and medium sized businesses
  • The future of the banks and the money
  • Generation Y – Digital natives versus Digital Immigrants
  • Teambuilding in digital times

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The iROI-Strategie: the 7 steps in detail

Step 1: context: Understanding the importance of the Internet and impact on business

– The development of the Internet
– Use of Internet
– Changes in society

Step 2: conversion: The importance of the website for marketing

– Internet marketing
– customer acquisition/customer loyalty
– E-commerce with shops
– Visitor behaviour
– The web site as an additional sales employee
– The perfect website for customer acquisition

Step 3: Conversation: Social media channels for marketing

– The development of the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram

– 3 basic principles for their growth

– Social networks are of use for the distribution, marketing, and digitization of a company

Step 4: Konfidenz: Open innovation

– The customer as a codeveloper of products and services

– Accelerated processes and optimisations of the business models

– Customer becomes a king

Step 5: Consensus: The mobile society

– Mobile web sites
– Digital natives, Digital Immigrants
– Communication on a new level
– Privately and commercially dealing with it in an optimal way

Step 6: Contrarily: The digital Disruption and transformation

– Inventing a new the world: Digital Disruption
– Accelerating success factor of the digitization
– Industry 4.0 and bot technology
– Small Data, Big Data, Smart Data
– Be part of the evolution process: Digital transformation

Step 7: congenial: Digital Leadership

– Digital leading – Digilog living
– Leading teams with different generations in a perfect way
– Find out your digital age
– from the hierarchy to the honeycomb: Digital Teamworking

Tributes & Awards

  • 2016: Transform-First Tribute
  • 2014: Deutsches Rednerlexikon Tribute
  • 2009: Conga Award: Top 10 Trainer mit iROI
  • 2008: Conga Award: Top 10 Trainer mit iROI
  • 2008: TÜV-certified Internet Marketing Strategie iROI
  • 2007: Innovation award of the Initiative of small and medium-sized businesses, category Online Marketing
  • 2006: Innovation award of the Initiative of small and medium-sized businesses, category Marketing and communication
  • 2001/2002: Golden Web Award, the „Internet – Oscar“

iROI – probably the only Digital marketing strategy that has been published as a dissertation:

In his dissertation Peter Günter Lang examines the efficacy of the iROI strategy in a freely selected project and documents every step with corresponding proofs. Besides, he checks very critically every single seven strategy steps and reaches to results which have surprised him.

If you are a student and searching a subject for your bachelor or master thesis, Sanjay Sauldie supports you with high-quality industrial contacts! Simply contact him through the above contact form!

Why you should book Sanjay Sauldie now for your business:


  • Mathematics & Informatics at the University of Cologne
  • Multimedia Designer Diploma at the SAE-Institut, Stuttgart
  • further education: PR work in politics (Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung)
  • further education: Typo3 Course (
  • Assessor in state elections

Awards and honors:

  • since 2014 until today: Top 100 Unternehmer Excellence
  • 2015: Transform-First Excellence
  • 2014: German Speakers Lexicon
  • 2010 until today: Top 100 Speakers Excellence
  • 2009: Conga-Award: Top 10 Trainer and Speaker
  • 2008: Conga-Award: Top 10 Trainer and Speaker
  • 2007: Innovation award of the Initiative of small and medium-sized businesses, category Online Marketing
  • 2006: Innovation award of the Initiative of small and medium-sized businesses, category Marketing and communication
  • 2001/2002: Golden Web Award in Los Angeles


  • Bundesverband mitteständische Wirtschaft (BVMW)
  • Bund der Selbständigen (BDS)
  • German Speakers Association (GSA)
  • Gesellschaft für Arbeitsmethodik (GfA)
  • Verein Deutsche Sprache (VDS)
  • International Bankers Forum (IBF)

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testimonials of NASDAQ-Companies (Google, WD-40)


testimonials of Standard & Poors Top 500 (ExxonMobil, Walt Disney, 3M)


publications in the press


books available at your bookshop or at Amazon.

Hardly any other speaker and consultant has as much experience in Digital Marketing as Sanjay Sauldie:

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