Companies that don’t perform Digital transformation are often surprised when they suddenly lose market share to small start-ups or companies that have come out of nowhere and suddenly transform an entire industry. These companies rely on digital disruption: they “reinvent” an industry completely on the basis of new digital possibilities and new customer needs and thus disrupt processes, products and services in a completely new way.

In order not to become blind to these changes outside the company, it is necessary to observe the markets anew, because a disruptor usually does not come from the own industry, but is often a complete newcomer who has no inhibitions to question the established processes – and thus to create more value for customers. Therefore, established companies quickly lose customers to such disruptors. Examples are banks v Paypal, Kodak v Instagram, hotels v AirBnB etc.

I help you to question yourself and bring you to your goal faster with my experience, my scientific background and my practice-oriented implementation. Together we can prepare your company not to become a victim of Digital Disruption, but to conquer new markets through self-disruption. I look forward to hearing from you. Just watch the video – it’s a complete training video for CEOs, business leaders and decision makers who want to shape digital disruption instead of becoming victims.

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