Press Releases

With sites like, you are able to send out an announcement that contains information about your website. Internet Marketers from all niche markets have witnessed incredible success both in search engine ranking and in the traffic and attention generated by releasing a press or news announcement.

Here is a simple yet effective format for press releases:

1) For Immediate Release (or “For Release On “Date Here”).

2)  Compelling Headline

You need your press release to catch the attention of your prospects quickly. Now isn’t the time to try to be witty which can end up confusing. Make sure your title is strong and direct. If you want to get a few ideas from successful titles, browse through existing press releases and jot down notes that will help you create your own.

3) First Paragraph Hook

Your first paragraph is exceptionally important and needs to hook your reader in or you’ll lose their attention quickly. Include the “Who, What, Where, Why and Why’s” within your first paragraph for best results. Cut down any excess text that you don’t need and keep things focused and on track. Be sure that you highlight the most important aspects of your press release within the first paragraph.

4) Body

Continue weaving your body around your first paragraph, keeping it exciting, entertaining and interesting.  Keep the momentum going!

5) Contact Information

Be sure to include a mailing address, telephone number, fax number, email address and of course, your website URL.

6) Finish your press release with three ### symbols which indicates in the professional world of publishing that it is the end of your press release.

Make sure to proofread your press release before publishing and have a friend go over it to ensure that it reads smoothly and is comprehensive, even to someone who may not be familiar with your niche market or website.

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